Car Maintenance Qatar 2023

Car Maintenance

We offer you the safe and fastest way for car maintenance services within Qatar You can now and easily access your vehicle maintenance anywhere in Qatar because we provide mobile maintenance services. Periodic services, we also provide at-home car maintenance services with high precision because we are interested in providing the latest technological equipment to help us detect and handle accurate vehicle breakdowns with the utmost precision. Fast and high quality because at INFINITY GARAGE we care about providing competent professionals and professionals. We offer them all the training and tools that help them develop and innovate in the field of automotive


What services does INFINITY

provide for car maintenance

We provide all the services that your car can need from repairing breakdowns, installing spare parts and periodic maintenance, you can get our varied services of high

quality which is: 

1.Maintenance Service Periodic 

Periodic maintenance is very important, to keep your car from being damaged or exposed to road accidents while increasing its life expectancy and giving you convenience and stability on the


2.Car Electricity Services

We have the best specialists who own all the tools and equipment that help them to detect and repair any problem for electrical appliances, and we also provide high quality

electric car parts. 

3. Tire sale and replacement service

We have a distinctive range of the finest tyres in different sizes and shapes that suit all types of cars, so we offer our customers the services of replacing and buying our tires if their cars need it when inspection for maintenance, and we are confident that it will provide them with a more than enjoyable driving


4.Mobile Garage Service

Car Maintenance Services

I order our maintenance services anytime and anywhere on the road, because we provide a fleet of vehicles equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and tools to provide mobile road car maintenance services by specialists because we provide a full fleet of electrical and mechanical technicians who reach you wherever you are in the fastest time when you request assistance from

Infinity Garage. 

5. Provision of mechanical services

We provide specialized mechanics to deal with various vehicle breakdowns, with the highest quality

and efficiency in record time. 

6.Suspension Service

We service suspension to ensure the finest maintenance, to ensure your comfort while driving, and provide all the safety to protect you

from road accidents.

7. Battery Sale and Replacement Services

We provide you with the finest batteries from global brands if your car’s battery is damaged, and we offer the service to install them 

as quickly as possible. 

8.Car conditioning maintenance

Our automotive conditioner maintenance specialists have a high experience in providing air conditioner maintenance services at

the highest level.

9.Car chassis maintenance services

The chassis is the most damaged part on impact or accident so we provide fast maintenance services and provide durable and strong

spare parts. 

10. Car Paint Services

Renew your car at the lowest cost within the INFINITY garage where you can restore the splendour of the shine of the car and make it an attractive color that gives you a sense of renewal as we paint it in a distinctive manner and provide polishing services, restoring the

entire Arabic glass. 

 Advantages of obtaining car maintenance service from INFINITY

You can easily get maintenance of your car at the right time and place at an affordable price for you because we offer you high quality as we offer you the following



      • Our services are integrated because we have technicians equipped to handle all breakdowns with the highest quality.

      • We provide the highest quality spare parts and install them for you as soon as possible.

      • We provide car maintenance services at home and on the roads.

      • We ensure you save your time and effort and complete your vehicle’s maintenance process as soon as possible, with minimal costs.

      • We work transparently and provide our customers with all the information they need, whether related to products and spare parts, or related to the vehicle’s maintenance process and detection.

      • We care about providing the best services to our customers so we provide 24-hour communication services.

    Maintenance of cars on the road

    We provide mobile garage service for car service and maintenance on the road, by equipping our mobile garage for maintenance with the latest tools and hardware to perform a complete vehicle inspection and maintenance on an immediate basis under the supervision of the best vehicle maintenance professionals. Mobile vehicle maintenance

    includes the following services: 


        • Make a computer check for the car to accurately detect all the problems of the car.

        • Inflate the tires and replace them We provide car cleaning services and installation of parts.

        • Programming car keys.

        • Change and maintain the exterior chassis.

        • We shove brakes and power wires.

        • We provide batteries from the best brands to replace damaged car batteries.

        • Inspect and sterilize the cooling system in the car.

        • We maintain and install mirrors and car lights.

        • Air conditioning maintenance and all the vehicle’s electrical appliances and tools. 

        • We provide vehicle transportation services to the garage when repair and maintenance of the vehicle stops on the roads.

        • You can easily get a mobile garage service for your car on the roads or in the workplace by communicating with INFINITY Online Garage.

      Car Maintenance Periodic Service

      Get the  best  rates for  periodic  maintenance  OF your  car at garage infinity which  provides you with  comprehensive car maintenance  services to ensure you’re protected from road accidents or breakdowns The periodic maintenance of the car is one of the most important factors helping to increase its life expectancy, It provides you with comfortable driving trips so we are keen to provide this service to our customers with the highest quality

      because we: 


          • Do Check the tires of the car.

          • Paint and refurbish the car and increase its shine with the best technology.

          • We Ensure the safety of the car’s lamps. 

          • We Change the oil.

          • A comprehensive computer inspection work for the car to detect any malfunction.

          • We Change car fluids.

          • Cleaning the car with high skill for comfort and enjoyment while driving.

          • We Inspect the vehicle battery and  ensure the safety of the cartridges and wires.

          • We Inspect the electrical circuits and ensure their safety, and maintain them.

        The periodic inspection of the car makes higher speed with steady force when moving and high safety

        on the road. 

         What maintenance equipment do we rely on in Infinity Garage

        We rely on the highest quality and state-of-the-art tools to help us make comprehensive repairs to your Car that we provide inside the garage or in mobile road maintenance vehicles. We also rely on specialized technicians and mechanics, who have the ability to use these tools professionally to carry out their tasks fully and in the least time as we provide the

        following tools: 


            • Air Cumbrusser: To blow the wheels of the car if exposed to a hole or post-maintenance service to clean the car by air to remove dust and plankton within its varied systems. 

            • Screwdrivers: a set of screwdrivers necessary to make maintenance for the car to disassemble and install its various parts.

            • Electronic Circuit Inspection Pen: It is one of the best tools used in the inspection and maintenance of electrical appliances inside the vehicle.

            • Car computer reader (CABLE OBD2): The device is used to examine vehicle problems such as engine and other issues and contributes significantly and importantly to detecting the reasons for the vehicle’s breakdown and maintenance.

            • Car tires screwdriver and repair kit: used to maintain tires  where it is used to dismantle, change or maintain them.

            • Car crane or puck: The crane helps us lift the car off the ground to better complete its maintenance from the bottom.

            • Key kit: to disassemble and maintain the small parts of the vehicle.

            • Welding tools: Welding tools are very important for use in welding various tools and car wires.

            • Metal and plastic hammers.

            • Pliers and pliers.

          INFINITY GARAGE guarantees the complete convenience of its customers because it provides them with comprehensive services for the maintenance of complete cars with high quality in record time at great prices, you can get them online through our website or the multiple means of communication provided

          by us. 

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