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Best Tires Types for Sale 2023

Now with ease, you can get the best tires for sale 2023 at premium prices from the INFINITY Garage site, which offers the best tires from international brands of vehicles and various means of transportation, with durability and strength that keeps you safe while driving

Static tires are the first protective factor against road accidents, both

for different cars and bikes.

We provide you with a great range of tires of different patterns, sizes and shapes, suitable for most car models and lots of bike models you can get in addition to enjoying the installation service anywhere you are because we offer our mobile service for maintenance and 

installation to all our customers

anywhere within Qatar. 

Advantages of getting tires for sale from INFINITY 

There are lots of different types of tires and they vary in quality, durability and because at INFINITY we care about the safety of our customers only offer tyre types of international brands famous for their durability and tolerance of different ways. We also provide our customers with many of the

following features: 

      • You can order Infinity tires and get them anywhere in Qatar by visiting our online store.

      •  We always balance our products at affordable prices for everyone despite their high quality.

      • We provide the services of installing and maintaining various transportation tires and models in the latest ways using modern and sophisticated tools to ensure the accuracy and quality of our work.

      • We provide our customers with all appropriate information that enables them to choose the right tire with them while driving.

      • We offer a variety of different shapes and sizes, to meet the wishes of all customers.

      • We store our products properly to maintain their shelf life and protect them from damage.

      • We have a 24-hour customer 

    service team available to solve customer issues and help them. 

    What is the importance of choosing the right tires for your car

    Tires for transport are considered to be man’s foot and are essential to the safety and security of those inside them. and many species of varying quality and durability, There is no doubt that good tires preserve the life span of the car in general And they are responsible for your timely commitment. It also bears high speeds, however gives the driver the ability to restrain speed and stop when feeling dangerous, It is also an essential factor for ensuring passengers’ comfort from being significantly affected on off-road roads. It is therefore important to know the most important specifications of tyres

    before purchasing them for quality. 

    What are the most important specifications to consider when buying frames

    So you can buy a premium tire in terms of quality and specifications, at an affordable price, you need to take care of the following specifications before buying the


        •  Tire brand and quality. 

        • Tire sizes and recognize how appropriate they are for the specifications you want. 

        • The speeds borne by the tire. 

        • The payloads that the tire can afford. 

        • Recognize the history of frame manufacture where it is written on one of its aspects. 

        • The way the frame was stored.

        • Choose high temperature coefficient frames. 

        • Attention to recognizing the friction coefficient, corrosion of the frame before purchasing it so you can learn about its possible presumptive age. 

      Best Tire Types for Sale from INFINITY 2023

      There are many different types of car and bike tires with their various models, different in their durability, quality, shapes and sizes Therefore, the INFINITY Garage provides a variety of the best tires that have the quality, durability and high strength of its industry, which keeps your car safe when walking on different roads, so we provide you with the following types:

          • Evergreen tire  EH226 size 205/60R16.

          • Evergreen tire EH226 size 185/65R15 .

          • EH tires e – 23 size 215/60R16.

          • EH tire e – 22 size 195/70R14.

          • Evergreen tires  ES380 size 265/70R17 .

          • ES83 tire size (275/55RL20XL – 265/50R20 XL).

          • Evergreen ES 90 tires 265/60R18 size.

          • Evergreen tires ES880 265/50R20XL size.

          • Evergreen ES 380 tires 265/70R17 size.

          • Evergreen EU size 728 265/60R18 .

          • Evergreen EU72 size 215/45ZR17XL tire.

        Features of Evergreen tires from Infinity Garage

        We offer you Evergreen tire range at competitive and premium prices, and we also provide you with great

        services because we. 

            • We keep the tires safe.

            •  We keep it well, maintaining its high durability and quality.

            • We provide you with installation services anywhere, whether at home or on the road.

            • We provide all the information about its stamina to make you happy to choose the best and most suitable for your car.

            • We offer 24-hour tips to our customers to help them manage and fix any problem they face.

            • The Evergreen tires we offer have great strength and stability as you can curb their movement at any moment.

            • You can enjoy a safer and more stable journey when buying Evergreen tyres with durable and powerful aspects

          2. TBB tires

          We offer a premium range of durable car tires from the Thai brand TBB made from the finest rubber, with its high endurance, long age span and full comfort while driving because it is stable and

          powerful on winding or wet roads.  

          We have a variety of different shapes and sizes of TBB tyres which suit many types of cars, bicycles and passenger cars because we provide you with the

          following sizes: 

              • Tires TBB GB 16 size  215/70R15.

              • Tire TBB GS-07 size 245/70R16.

              • Tires TBB TP- 16 size 185/65R15.

              • Tires TBB TP-16 size 195/65R15.

              • Tires TBB TR-66 size 285/50R20.

              • Tires TBB  TR  – 66 size 245/45ZR18.

              • Tires TBB  TR- 66 size 215/60R16.

              • Tires TS – 07 available in sizes  ( 235/55R18  –  225/65R17  –  225/60R17  –   275/60R20  –  275/55R20  – 235//65R17  –  265//65R17). 

            3.ARL Bikes Tires

            ARL Bikes tires are one of the finest manufactured tires for bikes, with its high strength and endurance, and its impressive performance on the road is made of heat resistant materials and off-road, and its stability on the roads and its superior stability when making jumps and acrobatic movements. We offer them to you in a variety of sizes that vary in their shapes and

            sizes as follows: 

                • Trident ZP1 size 110/80-17 6PR. 

                • Trident ZP 11 size 100/90-17 6PR. 

                • ARL Super ZF11 size 90/90-17.

                • Super ZF2 size 2.75-17 4PR. 

                •  ARL Super ZF 22  size 100/90-17.

                • ARL Super ZF33  size 80/100-17.

                • Super ZF2 size 2.75-17 4PR. 

              Now you can get premium tyres for sale with its quality and durability via INFINITY website from within the sizes we have offered you to enjoy a more comfortable, high-security ride and great control while driving.

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